The foundation of your building is arguably the most valuable part of your home as it determines the safety of the entire structure. This is why the construction of the foundation must be taken seriously in terms of the type of foundation formed and how it is constructed. Care must also be taken to avoid issues with settlement and special attention must be paid to the final curing phase. At Concrete foundation Plano, Tx, we pay special attention to every phase of the construction. We know that a foundation problem is among the worst things that can ever happen to a structure and we do all we can to get you the best concrete foundation at a very good cost no matter the type of foundation you choose for your home.

The T shaped foundation is the traditional type of support for building in areas where the ground tends to freeze up. In constructing this type of foundation, care must be taken to keep the footing of the foundation below the frost line. Once the foundation has been completed, the walls can then be added on top. For the T-shaped foundation, the footing is typically designed to be wider than the wall. This provides extra support to the wall. Once the concrete T-shaped foundation has been placed and left to cure, the construction of the walls can begin. Subsequently, the concrete slab is poured in between the walls. You can get in touch with us for more inquiries about T-shaped concrete foundation or Concrete retaining wall Plano Tx

Slab-on-grade foundation
A slab-on-grade foundation involves a single-layer of concrete as foundation best suited for areas where the ground isn’t known to freeze during colder months. This concrete slab is usually several inches in thickness and it is poured in a way that makes it thicker at the edges with reinforced rods at the thickened edges to strengthen it. Like every other foundation type, the ground is prepared ahead of pouring and the slab rests on a bed of crushed gravels. We also include a casting wire mesh in the slab to reduce the chances of cracking. 

Frost Protected
A frost-protected foundation is another type of building foundation designed to protect the building footing by keeping it at a temperature that is above that of the surrounding ground. In this kind of structure, we add two rigid polystyrene sheets as insulation for the foundation. One of the sheets will be laid down at the base of the foundation before the slab is poured while the other is added on the outside of the foundation. This is a modified version of the slab-on-grade foundation type specifically for areas that are prone to ground frosting. 

Sturdy and Safe
No matter the type of concrete foundation we are pouring, we pay special attention to every activity for the different phases of the project. At Concrete foundation Plano Tx, we have state of the art equipment for every stage of the project. Every stage of the project is properly sequenced. We also have workmen with years of experience and different skills sets to make the work progress smoothly and guarantee the quality of the foundation.