In the past, the choice of driveway paving materials was limited to just asphalt or plain concrete. Today, the concrete side of the table has expanded to improve an impressive array of options. Decorative concrete is sometimes referred to as a cement driveway and it remains one of the most reasonable ways to pave the entrance to your home. You can achieve various dazzling effects with stamped concrete driveways that are impossible to achieve with other materials. 

Stamped concrete is designed to give your driveway an instant curb appeal that you will love. No matter the style of your home and your outdoor landscape, Concrete driveway Plano TX, can pull off a design that is just right for you. Even if you have an existing driveway made of concrete or any other material, you can give it a makeover with decorative stamped concrete. There are several patterns and design methods that can help rejuvenate your existing plain driveway.

One of the best things about using stamped concrete for your driveway is how versatile it is. Stamped concrete comes in various colors and patterns that give your driveway a more appealing look. The array of decorative options available with stamped concrete cannot be achieved with any other paving materials. It can be combined with coloring agents in different ways to produce realistic replicas of popular paving materials like brick, flagstone, cobblestone, or slate.

Stamped concrete can be used to mimic the sophisticated appearance of various materials at a fraction of the cost. You can give your driveway the look and feel of materials like pavers, cobblestone, flagstone, and brick for less money. Asphalt used to be a much more affordable option, but in recent years, the cost of asphalt materials has increased. This has pushed the cost of installation to just as high as that of stamped concrete and with less versatility of design. 

Stamped concrete is a highly durable paving material. However, how good your concrete driveway will look after years of use depends largely on the quality of materials used and the workmanship. When sealed and maintained properly by our experts in Stamped concrete Plano Tx, your stamped concrete can stand up to years of heavy traffic in various weather conditions. 

Stamped concrete compared to pavers and Asphalt 
Stamped concrete is easier to install compared to pavers since you don’t have to install the pieces individually. Pavers are also less durable since the pieces may begin to shift over time, allowing weeds to grow in between the joints. You can achieve a similar look as pavers with stamped concrete while avoiding these issues. Asphalt which is another material commonly used for paving driveways is less customizable. Although it is just as strong and durable as concrete, it requires more maintenance and the cost of installation has become quite high in recent years. When done properly and maintained right, stamped concrete gives your driveway a more attractive look and is more durable compared to other materials.