A patio is an essential piece of home design today. The most popular material used for making a patio in the country is Concrete. Stamped concrete offers a wide range of decorative finishes to give your backyard the attractive look you have always desired. With stamped concrete patios, you get limitless design potentials for your outdoor surface. It is also considered a more durable material for flooring patios compared to wood decks, natural stones, or paves and it requires less maintenance.

Stamped Concrete Patios Ideas
One of the best things about using stamped concrete for patios is that you get various design options in terms of texture and color for your patios. At Stamped concrete patio Plano TX, we offer several unique flooring ideas guaranteed to give your patio a unique and impactful look that will last for many years to come. Some of the popular stamped concrete design patterns include Ashlar Slate which includes a mix of rectangular shapes that give your backyard space the appearance of cut stone. For a more traditional look, you can go for the brick stamped patio option which mimics the fancy herringbone or red brick design. You can also give your patio a more organic look with a random stone design designed to recreate the appearance of natural stone. These are just a few of the several design options for stamped concrete patios. 

Stamped Concrete Coloring Ideas 
Another unique quality of stamped concrete is that you can try out various coloring ideas to make your patio come alive. An integral coloring can be mixed with the material to achieve earthy tones or pastels. Our contractors can also lay dry-shake color hardeners on the surface of the concrete to give your patio a more intense coloring. Another coloring options for stamped concrete is to apply dyes, stains, and tinted release agent to the other coloring options for a more natural look. 

Upgrading an existing patio with stamped concrete 
If you are looking to upgrade your existing patio or redesign it, a stamped concrete patio is a great option to consider. You can contact our contractors for stamped concrete patio ideas and to have stamped concrete laid over your existing patios. Stamped concrete overlays give you patio the look you desire while also fixing damaged areas which improves the durability and strength of your patio. 

Stamped Concrete Fireplace and Borders 
After installing your stamped concrete patio, you can take things even further by installing a stamped concrete fireplace. Our outdoor kitchens plano tx contractors can build a fire pit in your backyard with complimentary coloring and patterns that match the design of your stamped concrete patios. Another unique way to beautify your patio is to add borders to the edges of your patio. This personalizes your patio even more and helps to define the edges with new unique colors for a more stylish look.