Decorative concrete pool decks have become the fad in outdoor design. This gives your pool deck a colored and textured look that is quite inviting and blends beautifully with the rest of your backyard and landscape. A stamped concrete pool deck is not only attractive. It is functional as well. It a safe and slip-resistant surface where you can lounge, sunbathe, or enjoy a barbecue by the pool. Stamped decorative concrete has made it possible to create pool decks that complement your exterior space and beautifies your outdoor environment by replicating the look of more expensive materials like wood, slate, or stone.

Stamped concrete is great around pools 
A stamped concrete pool deck come in various unique textures and patterns that look great around pools. You can easily combine stamped concrete with realistic colors to mimic the look of other surfacing materials. It is also an ideal material to have around pools because it can resist the harsh chemicals used on cleaning pools and can withstand water exposure for years without fading. Our 
expert Concrete sealer plano tx can also improve the traction of the stamped concrete pool deck by mixing the concrete sealer material with non-skid additives. You can also choose from a range of finishes that does not absorb heat which makes it comfortable to stand on with your barefoot. 

Stamped concrete patterns for pool deck
Stamped concrete for pool decks come in a wide range of design patterns and unique colors. This makes it possible to achieve a personalized look for your pool deck. You can go for wood stamping which gives your concrete pool deck the appearance of wood. This way, you don’t have to use wooden materials that are easily damaged by pool chemicals or moisture. Another alternative is the seamless stone which has the appearance of solid natural pieces. Similarly, flagstone patterns are available for pool decks which gives your pool deck the feel and look of real stone. 

Color choices for stamped concrete pool decks 
Our experts can combine various pigment agents, hardeners, and stains to replicate an array of color palettes you will love. Gray-colored concrete pool decks have the look of weathered stone or rich slate. You can also alter the color to blue to mimic the appearance of river rock or pretty. Most people go for a brown color for pool decks because it blends nicely with the rest of their landscaping and matches the style of most homes. Asides decoration, we can color stamped concrete for functional purposes too. Since pool decks are exposed to the sun all day, you can choose a surface color with a light shade like pearly white, coral, or sandy tone which helps to reduce heat absorption by the deck surface. 

Stamped concrete vs. Other pool deck materials
Generally, stamped concrete is a much more versatile, design-friendly, and cheaper material for pool decks compared to other options. Compared to pavers, which are installed as individual pieces, stamped concrete is a more durable option since it doesn’t allow water to seep through gaps like pavers do. Weeds may also grow through the spaces between individuals which does not happen with concrete. However, pavers are easier to repair when damaged since you can replace damaged areas separately. Another common pool deck material is travertine tiles. This is a durable material that gives your outdoor space a sophisticated look. However, they tend to get slippery when wet which makes them “not so ideal” for paving pool decks. They also do not offer much in terms of heat reduction compared to stamped concrete.