Concrete has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners, contractors, and designers for walkways. Decorative stamped concrete comes in various patterns, colors, and moldings designed to beautify your walkway and make it pop. You will find stamped concrete on the walkways of trendy restaurants, stores, homes, and offices everywhere. It is a more affordable paving option compared to natural stone or brick and can be used to achieve the same result as other paving materials with unlimited patterns and color choices. Also, most of the other paving materials require ongoing maintenance to keep weed from growing in between the spaces in the joint. But this is not the case with stamped concrete. This is why stamped concrete can last for several decades with minimal maintenance required.

Is stamped concrete slippery on walkways?
One question people often ask about installing stamped concrete on walkways is how slippery it is. While 
regular concrete tends to be slippery, stamped concrete has a textured surface. Therefore, it is usually more slip-resistant. However, even stamped concrete may become slippery when it is wet or if a film-forming sealer was applied. If you want to have a stamped concrete flooring installed in a high-traffic walkway, our professional Concrete walkway Plano Tx contractors can make the stamped concrete slip-resistance by using a heavier textured material or adding non-skid additives to the concrete.

Design options
Stamped concrete stands undefeated in terms of aesthetics in comparison to other walkway pavement materials. There is a wide range of patterns available and the color options are virtually limitless. You can consult our expert concrete walkway Plano Tx contractors for design inspirations that match the architectural design, style, and landscape of your home. The most common natural stone patterns for walkways include fieldstone, flagstone, cobblestone, and brick. These patterns can be easily pressed into concrete to create aesthetically pleasing walkways that match the surrounding landscape. 

Stamped concrete color options for walkways:
Most people often go for gray and earthy tones for their walkways. However, with stamped concrete, your options are virtually unlimited. You can go for brick-patterned concrete designs that are colored in russet or red hues. Stamped walkways are also available in mixed colors with layered tints and stains. For a more realistic stone coloration, our experts can use multiple colors in the same project and add decorative borders to make your walkway come alive. 

Does it look fake?
Stamped concrete can be made to look live other paving materials. It is common for people to wonder if it will have a genuine appearance or look fake. We are professionals and we use stamping mats that are molded from the materials that we want to replicate. This helps to achieve a realistic look that perfectly mimics the real thing we also use interesting color variations to make it resemble real stone. This helps to achieve a desired look without the accompanying limitations that these other materials are known for.